As I am writing this I can’t help but I am shaking my head. Just today I found out from Melissa during lunch that her father had cancer after they separated and her mom let him live in her house and helped him through. Not quite what is happening the other way around at this moment.

I spent a delightful lunch hour with Melissa and I proudly report that she is starting to turn the corner. For the very first time I heard her tell me that someone offered her drugs and instead of being upset of not being able to say no this time it was different. Melissa had gone on a YMCA trip for 10 days and the camp counselors and other teenagers were so supportive that she decided for herself that she was going to stay away from the hard stuff. She got upset at her friend for not accepting a choice she had made after she had clearly stated that she is not doing “that” anymore.

I held my breath as I was hearing the story and when I got that it wasn’t about not being able to say no but about being angry not to have ones choice be respected I had the biggest grin on my face. Go girl!

Amazing sometimes how things are changing in a matter of only a few weeks.

On the make-up courses for her high school diploma we are facing a few bumps. Algebra is a challenging and we are making our way through the course very slowly. We thought we signed up for the only Algebra course there is but this one may not be Algebra 1 but Algebra 2. I have to straighten this out next week.

We are $65 short to sign her up for the second makeup class. This one will be English and after that we are going for History.

I fully believe that we will be receiving the funds needed to make up all 8 classes. The goal is to see Melissa graduate high school. Because I promised her mom.

What is an instance where you realized that you had made a better choice but the people around you didn’t believe it. How did you react and how did you pull through without giving into the temptation? Did you get angry like Melissa at others who didn’t believe that you had changed?

Your coach Beate

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