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Lately the sign-up’s on Photography Business Secrets are through the roof. From all over world I have had hundreds of photographers download the free report and audio. And as a result my membership is growing.

As the curious person that I am I tend to check out what you do, glance at the websites and browse through your projects and when I find something that I like and it’s different I’ll feature it on the blog.

Just last week I came across a website that had the coolest and most unusual navigation I have ever seen. Here is the screenshot of Craig Cameron Olson’s website. Click on image to go to site and check it out for yourself.

When you first go on it and you wait for it to load you see this cool image with all kinds of stuff going on. When you move your cursor over one of the scenes an arrow pops up. I just couldn’t get a screenshot with the arrow – I tried! The arrow points to the areas of Action (people jumping off the cliff) Travel (Airplane), Contact (the guy in the front), People (the man on the bench), Vehicles (the truck). When you click the navigation opens the images as seen in the image below.

What I like about it is the creativity. The design and navigation is different, it shows humor, the work is good and I spent way more time on that site that I usually do. On top of it I found out the web designers are from Germany and I got a good chuckle out of it, given that I am from Germany myself.

The most clever part however is how playful one of the big photographer issues is resolved. How do you show the different types of photography you do without coming across as another one of those guys who “just does EVERYTHING.” Usually never a good selling point as it deludes the customers ability to see you as a specialist or the expert. This fear is all but moot with this website as I want to keep discovering and having a good time doing it.

What are your thoughts on this?

Couple of side notes: The Made Me Look: intro-duck-tion feature here on the blog has helped photographer James Burger to get lots of additional exposure. The Made Me Look: Orangutan project photographed by Annie Marie Musselman is going to be featured in Newsweek shortly. In the case featured above, Dana Olsen (the featured photographers wife) found me through one of my interviews that I did for Beauties On The Go (featured here.) Once she discovered that I was a Creative Entrepreneur (I learned that term from Jeff Burke in the last free call) she began exploring my photography products. Now they are featured here. You never know how it will pan out so keep showing me what you got!

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