They have been flying under the radar for quite some time. I first learned about them about a year ago. The future of news reporting has arrived.

What is it?

It’s called Demotix.  And it is what I consider the most successful user generated news photography syndication there is.

How does it work?  When it happens, whatever it may be, who is usually right there at the scene? The people who live the life, attend the event or are on that street in that very moment. Equipped with cameras, video cameras and smart phones. Demotix has build quietly a community of over 17,000 contributors and are delivering user generated content to pretty much all the large news organizations simply because they happen to get the content before anyone else. They have contributors from 190 countries and push work to over 200 news companies. Pretty impressive isn’t it?

It’s genius. Best of all their revenue split is 50:50. I do invite you to review their site as an additional possible revenue source. Be reminded though, that it’s all editorial.

Mark my words, this is the future of syndication especially in the news genre. Why would anyone put photojournalists in offices around the world if I can get my images directly from the source when it happens?  This has and will be shaping the industry further. I saw a number the other day that suggested that news outlets use over 50% of user generated visual content.

They seem to be nice enough guys. I personally don’t know of anyone who has direct experience with them but I’ve been watching and it looks solid. If you have ideas or know more, please share your point of view. This definitely made me look, twice.

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