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Just Great Self Promotion!

Marta Aldriege is very special to me. Not just was she one of the very first clients at Photography Business Secrets but she’s been a success story and I am ready to tell you about her.

When I first met Marta she had just been laid off and was a bit worried about her future. She signed up for my first 4 week teleseminar. She listed to every word, crossed the t’s and put the dot’s on the i’s and had many great questions that she contributed to the discussions. Next thing I know she gives me credit for helping her to land a photography repping job that she is busily turning into a business. She told me that it was her great attitude that she had after participating. While I love flattery I will say I suspect it’s really her “can do attitude!”Marta signed up as a Charter Member (now the Silver Membership) and gets all kind of valuable information every month and she seems to put it all to use very successfully.

So here is what they have been up to over at Healey Grisham, which is the photography studio she represents. The photographer team has been shooting rescued animals for some time to create awareness for their cause of choice. You guessed right, theirs is about raising money for an animal rescue shelter. Born was the idea of making greeting cards which are by the way absolutely fantastic, cute, tasteful and… I want some.

Check out the designs here: Hooray For The Underdog

But it gets even better. The line is carried at the Cardstore, and to be precise two of their design were included in the exclusive Hope Collection, which features uplifting cards of encouragement and thanks.

From September 1-7 the Cardstore is featuring the Hope is in the Cards movement. That means for you that you can choose a card for no charge but they will mail it to anyone in the world – for FREE. Use coupon code: SENDHOPE

Why don’t you take a few minutes to send a personalized ‘thank you’ or ‘thinking of you’ card, and make someone’s day? For my part, I send the Hang In There card to my friend who is battling cancer at the moment. If you want to participate, it’s simple and you can personalize your card here:

If you use one of the Hooray for The Underdog designs which you can find here:

send a quick note & you will be entered into our contest for a free box set of greeting cards from Hooray for the Underdog!

Why do I love this? It’s everything I like. A cause, dedication, great pictures, passion and enough to keep creating endless press releases and REASONS for Marta to pick up the phone to talk to clients. I keep saying this over and over again until you all have this down and it’s become second nature. If you want your clients or potential clients to notice you – do something noteworthy! Then call them and tell them about it. Give the art director or the editor a reason to wanting to chat with you.

In this case, who wouldn’t want to win a box of cards? Check out Marta – now with that little trick of hers clients will get in touch with HER she doesn’t even need to call!!! Just brilliant and on top of it, who wouldn’t want to support a rescue initiative for animals? Who doesn’t love pets and wants to hear the story is behind each of the animals and the shoot?

Enough said, go indulge in some super cute images and send someone you care about a card or a client a “Thank You” note fabulous enough for you to pick up the phone and chat to them about it afterward!

And what’s in it for Marta… how about some free coaching for this great lady. So if you have something that will make me look, or have seen something please send it to me

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