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It’s Magick!!

Photographer Michael Albany from Philadelphia has been sending me here and there a note. We met on LinkedIn. He signed up on July 21 for his free report and my free action session.

If you don’t have it click here to get yours. Not that I will take any credit for his idea (although it is tempting) I do hope that perhaps he got an idea or two from the session.

So here is Michael and today I see that he has come up with a very clever and just brilliant idea to promote himself and do some good. This column (Made Me Look) is reserved for cool things I see that someone in the photography industry has come up with that literally make me take notice.

So, what did he do?

Magick Michael as he calls himself, seems to have gotten a little tired of waiting for something to happen.  Instead of twirling his thumbs and complaining how bad things are he figured he might as well make the best out of it. So he came up with the idea to offer to shoot business portraits of people that are unemployed or in-between jobs at no charge. It’s his way of contributing to a positive self image for those who have been laid off or having a tough time finding a job.

Just imagine what this simple initiative will do for someone who hit a bit of tough spot. They’ll put on their best work outfit, strike a pose and have a professional portrait taken. That in return will boost their confidence and literally their self image. For Michael it means that while he might not be making money on this immediately he will benefit in several ways:

– He’ll use this initiative to get free publicity. I’ve already put it on my blog, Facebook and Twitter and of course it’ll go on LinkedIn. I hope he sends a release to the local papers and TV stations. They will love that.

– The people who will show up for the free portrait now know that there is a photographer close by who takes great portraits. As things will improve guess whom they will think of first for their next Christmas or Family or Business portrait occasion? And whom will they recommend if someone needs a photographer?

– Michael demonstrates that he contributes positively to his community, again raising his image and recognition.

– Michael will hopefully post the images on an online gallery (hint) to show what the results of his campaign are. That way the people he photographed will tell others and this drives more traffic to his webiste, boosting his Google ranking. Today his Alexa rating is at 3.2 Million, I bet it will go up significantly over the next few weeks and that would be a good thing.

– Michael will hopefully also post a “If you are not unemployed but still want your portrait taken” and a “bring your family” special on the site, just to ensure that he won’t miss out on these opportunities shall they arise.

How can you help this photographer to get a big payback for his brilliance? Spread the word and tweet, post the links on your Facebook and visit the site. Let’s buzz him up.

As for me Michael, watch your mailbox, I’ll send you a Free surprise treat. Bravo, I just love what you did,  No wonder they call you Magick Michael!

Here is the link to the blog and to learn more send your questions or request for a time to Or just comment here or on his blog or email him. His website is found here Michael Albany.

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