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Something Old, Something New, Something Fast

My former colleague from Corbis Marco Oonk is a smart guy. He just launched Fast Media Magazine and his new idea is gaining traction very quickly.

Marco is well respected and a long time industry professional and that certainly plays into his success. Let me tell you about his new venture and why I think this is a great thing.

What’s it all about? Fast Media Magazine is about connecting media content owners, movers and users in a debate about the future and through a directory. As media has been facing dramatic shifts from print to online there is significant pressure on all licensing models dealing with content: stock, image, footage and music.

Marco doesn’t like to call what he does a blog, he calls it a magazine. The content is a collection in the form of a multitude of opinions from the three sides of content:  Creators, providers and users.

Why would this be important to you? Much like the Microstock concept wasn’t developed by a stock photography industry professional the next big concept changing the licensing world might come from somewhere outside the industry. Fast Media Magazine wants to be ahead of this discussion and engage movers and shakers so that a trend can be spotted as it develops.

Why I think there is a place for this. There is very little out there that deals with the multiple challenges and sides of content creation, distribution and use. Each of these entities have their own individual industry associations that deal with their unique aspects. The coming together can at times be a little difficult as it’s well documented in the past. For example the interests of content creating photographers and big name stock distributors like Getty or Corbis don’t always seem to line up although it would be in their best interest to collaborate effectively.

One of the things that I learned when working at a corporation is that you fight two battles. You have the internal aspect where you need to convince the very people that hired you that you are doing the right things but in reality the bigger battle is the market place. It’s out there that our focus needs to be. So if Fast Media Magazine can take the internal battles and collectively find a voice, an opinion and/or an outlet than that would be terrific and for the greatest good of all.

I’ll be following him for sure and you will be hearing about him on this blog.  Here is a link to an article about them and here is the link to the website . Follow them on Twitter.

Here is a copy of the press release:

LONDON, 18 October 2009. Fast Media Magazine ( is launching its new website and online magazine. The magazine exists to connect media content owners, movers and users.*


Media content owners, movers and users share a number of fundamental challenges and opportunities. Fast Media Magazine provides a platform to share information about these issues. From copyright, piracy and saturation to pricing, free products, new business models and innovative technologies. We will write about all issues that keep the industry talking and report on the events where these discussions take place.


In an environment where media content is being shared ever faster over the web and through communities Fast Media Magazine curates the most relevant news and produces original articles, interviews and reports. The focus is outward and forward with an emphasis on information and ideas that make people and individuals successful in changing environments.


To enable easy connections the website and magazine are supported by a Directory. For in-depth debates, sharing of best practices and simply to connect with other readers there’s a forum and the ability to comment on and discuss every article.


The magazine has had a soft launch for the past month. It has already established a growing, loyal and engaged readership. Over the coming months new issues will be published and work has started on a number of special editions.


* Owners (e.g. photographers, musicians, copywriters, journalists, and illustrators) | Movers (e.g. Stock photography agencies, record companies, publishers and websites) | Users (e.g. advertising agencies, designers, corporations and consumers)




Fast Media Magazine is connecting media content, owners, movers and users.  It’s published by Marco Oonk, a 15 year Stock Photography industry veteran who worked in senior positions at both Getty Images, Corbis, Photoshot and Asia Images Group. In an interview with Moodboards’ The factory Blog he said:


“These are stories worth telling. Companies and people each bring their own ambition, experience, skill-sets and contributions to the table and I am providing a platform to share this knowledge. It’s about looking outward and forward and having a dialogue between industry insiders, outside experts and clients that is constructive and productive and helps companies and people be successful.”





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