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I’d like to share a great example of a fabulous self promotion with you. Something fun, simple and it made me look, put a huge grin on my face. I watched the entire thing, appreciated it and recommend it = promote the photographer.

Here is how it happened. Just the other day I got a message (one of many, many, many messages on Facebook). Here is what it said:

Hello Ms. Chelette, (love that he addresses me formally, he doesn’t know me, he wants my attention, he got it because he is respectful)

Please enjoy an unusual short video recently posted on YouTube. The footage was shot entirely with digital still cameras and the music was made exclusively with vocals. (Excellent, short, to the point, something unique – I want to know more)

“intro-duck-tion” shows a one-minute forty-eight second stop-motion glimpse into my small Brooklyn photo studio and the production of one of my recent photographs. It’s a result of the constant theme in many New Yorker’s lives of maximizing minimal space. (he tells the truth, I am not making a lot of money yet, but I am dedicated, he turns his perceived disadvantage to his advantage, I LIKE this guy)

I hope it makes you smile. (It sure did and I liked it so much I am using it as an example to show you a clever little concept that will get him plenty of attention with creatives. It’s been watched over 32,000 times on YouTube.)


James Burger Photographs

Well James, because I liked it so much and you demonstrate what I teach about being unique, having a style and making the best out of what you got that I’ll treat you to something. Remember the interview with Leah Shoval, Photo Art Director from Ogilvy? Watch your mailbox you’ll get something for free that will get your work seen by her directly because I like what you did.

So if there is anyone else out there who has something that will be a great “wow” example, let me know. I might just feature it and give you something.


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