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Great Self Promotion, this time it’s an assistant.

My little tweet bird came in and told me that was following me. So I checked it out and came across Tim Olsen.

Ever so often I come across something that I really like and find worth to point out. I use a real life example for my teaching points and the unsuspecting focus of my attention gets a little something as a reward.

Here is what this smart assistant does to keep himself in front of potential clients. On his blog he talks about his tricks, tips and secrets. One of the current entries, how to stay in touch with potential photographers. He discusses how after a mailing he researches his clients and follows up in the most appropriate way. He learns everything there is about the photographer he wants to work with, so that when he calls he has something to talk about.

I like this especially as this is something that I speak about all the time. You cannot EVER call and say did you get my email or promo? You must find a way to make the conversation about the person you are contacting. Your point is to tell them what you can do for THEM and how your experience and expertise is valuable for THEM and add to THEIR bottom line.

Read the article here, assistant or not, he got the method on how to do it right.

Next, he brings up a variety of technical tricks and tips. Why? If I am a photographer and look at his website I see that this guy knows so much about lighting and technique that he probably is an asset to my next job. I want to hire people that are good – preferably even better than I am. A people hire A people, B people hire C people. You want to be an A!

What else does he do right? He lists photographers websites (probably those he works with or want to work with) and gives them extra free PR which is a nice touch. Tim shows shoot and production resources that he likes that will aid him in negotiating good deals with these providers the next time. He sets all kinds of links to things relating to photography that make him look: knowledgeable, interessting, eager to work, professional.

Good works Tim, I certainly enjoyed what you have done with the blog and your self promotion. Watch your snail mail, you’ll get a little something from Photography Business Secrets coming soon.

Here is what he says about himself:

I’m Tim Olsen, a professional freelance photo assistant and photographer for over twelve years in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. I have traveled extensively throughout the United States working on commercial photo shoots for advertising, editorial, and corporate. I am also an experienced studio manager, film grip, and digital imaging tech. In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, ice hockey, biking, coffee, and people-watching.

If you have an upcoming shoot you need help with, please email me with your dates and specific needs.

A Photo Assistant is all about being a great photo assistant. I have assembled my experience, along with different resources I have found, to help photo assistants, emerging photographers, photographers, and other creative professionals in the communications field to work better and smarter.

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