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Watch and Read the Interview for MacTribe

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During my last visit to New York when my daughter Gina and I were doing the college tour I carved out some time to speak with Dan Robillard and Ilissa Knisley from MacTribe.

MacTribe takes the traditional content and updates it for the new generation of Mac users, who use their Macs as creative devices, entertainment systems, and symbols of all around good taste. MacTribe is for those who use their Macs to access the world.

MacTribe gives you all of the product and news coverage you expect from a Mac magazine and much more. Unlike other Mac magazines and web sites, MacTribe covers design, photography and all the best new products. We are a lifestyle magazine and web site for the Mac user, new and experienced. As the Mac market grows and changes, so should the lens we view it through. That’s what MacTribe is all about.

MacTribe brings you the most exciting in-depth features on Apple Products, Interviews, Design, Photography and Multimedia. To learn more about the people who bring you MacTribe.com, MacTriber Weekly, and MacTribe Magazine, keep checking back for constantly updated information.
Ilissa and Dan sat down with me for a couple of hours which seemed to fly by in no time. Gina filmed parts of the interview I hope the sound quality is not too bad. But you will see, that we had fun. You can read the interview by clicking on the image below:


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