Ah yes… The tender-hearted, starry-eyed season of sentiments is upon us. As any ad for Valentine’s gifts will imply, now is the time to bare your heart, share your love and hope (ardently) for the best. If all goes well, hard won balance and boundaries will quickly give way to love and lust.

It’s not always easy, nor is it always in the stars, so to speak, to maintain your sense of inner calm whenever red hot passion couples with the ache of romantic desire. Before you know it you’ve gained five pounds, your light bill is past-due, and your boss is not at all happy with you. In other words, while you’ve been lighting up the night, you’ve let a few things slide. How did that happen? How can something so fun and joyous end up leaving you with a to-do list longer than before your first kiss?

Fortunately, this year’s Valentine Moon traveling through the practical sign of Virgo offers both insight and solution. First, internally delete what you think you know about Virgo. Virgo is a victim of bad press and is desperately in need of a good spin doctor. That’s a conversation for another day. Just suffice it to say that Virgo’s qualities are ultimately helpful, especially when it comes to establishing, or re-establishing, balance.

I can already hear the moans of resistance. After all, the abilities to be practical, to organize, and to be efficient don’t seem to fit in with a fairy-tale all-or-nothing romantic template. But is all-or-nothing really what you want in your life? Why not claim more for yourself? What if you let the heavens know that you intend to have a life filled with passion and balance?

Actually, that’s where Virgo comes in. Give your inner organizer some time and space to set things back in order in your life. Re-discover the joy of making a simple dinner, walking the dog, and enjoying a cup of tea with a friend. What you will find is a gentle rhythm returning to your life. With that calmer, saner lifestyle, you’ll find you have more energy, more time, and more passion to pursue, shall we say, more pleasurable goings-on.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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