Heads are rolling. Amy Pascal will not make it. Sony can do nothing to avoid the avalanche of bad press, snide comments, and our secret enjoyment as we evaluate which of our heroes will fall from grace and whom we will still believe.

Truth is, we suspect that certain people are very difficult to work with. You’ve read stories about stars who demand a certain kind of water, specific room temperature, and sheets with no less than 600 thread count. And then there’s the private chefs, trainers, massage therapists, and acupuncturists just to keep them happy. It seems outrageous to us. But for a singer on tour or an actor on a film set for four straight months, it’s not hard to believe these luxuries are almost necessary to make it through physically and emotionally.

We’ve also long suspected kids of high-powered movie stars and executives are not like ours. How could they be? They grow up traveling in private jets, and so it becomes their norm. Does the rest of the world think they are spoiled? Of course we do!

To me, our reaction to this scandal looks like we want to know who fooled us by acting like a nice person, while in reality being a raging bitch or bully. We want to look behind the curtain and see what someone is really made of because this is the age of authenticity. Fake is so 2010. As someone who has dealt with celebrities and publicists, I can only say it is about time this card house fell down.

A long time ago I worked with an actress who now has her own reality show. She showed up to the set two hours late and she was sucking her thumb (yup, that’s what I thought too). Her publicist assured her it was no problem at all. Wow.

After the shoot was published, I received a request from a European magazine that wanted to re-publish the images. I called the publicist for clearance and she threw a fit that I don’t wish to repeat. It ended with: “I will make sure you never work in this town again.” Huh?

This whole glamour, fake, make-believe on top of a pedestal has to end.


Because we want to know if you are real or not. Hence our sick love affair with reality shows. Okay, okay I know they are not really real, but at least they feel more like it.

We want to believe in real people who have goals, values, and IDEALS.

Frankly, I thought some of the comments Amy Pascal wrote were spot on. She seems pretty clear about what is good or bad, and at least she has an opinion about things. I can appreciate that.

Who will fall? Those we don’t believe. The ones we will find to be genuine will survive.

To us as business owners and career people, it means if you say it or write it, you had better mean it because there’s a chance you’ll be facing your own opinions one day. What a shocking concept—owning what one says…

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