Let’s Be Clear About A Few Things

Clarity leads to breakthrough. Do your goals need a little bit more clarity? What’s most important to you? Please answer these three questions:

  • What are the three main things you want to accomplish this year?
  • How are you going to do it?
  • How will you measure your progress?

I know we are all crazy busy, so please allow me to make one more suggestion. To avoid that feeling of our heads spinning with a thousand thoughts that we cannot turn off at night, and beating ourselves up when we do not reach our goals—can we focus only on three things for now? When you accomplish one of your goals, you can start the next one on your list. Having three areas of focus allows you to actually make progress and you will hopefully find that by the end of the year you have reached ALL your goals.


Happy New Year to you! May you manifest and enjoy what you desire.

As you know, in The Women’s Code our first Pillar is Awareness, which we use to determine what we want. Check. We just did.

We then use the second Pillar of Support to help each other to get there.

Let’s put that pillar into action as well. I’d like to interact with you more this year. If you are up for it, head on over to our growing community on Facebook and feel free to share your goals and how you want to reach them. Why? Because proclaiming what you are going to do is a major step forward. And if you share it—we’ll do our best to hold you accountable! 😉

Recently, a young single mom of a highly energetic three-year-old shared her goals for 2017 with me. While I liked what she had to say, I wondered what exactly she meant by, “Be in the best shape of my life.” Is that simply about weight, or also fitness, or perhaps her body image? What will be the exact steps to get there? Join a gym, work with a personal trainer, go on a diet, hire a health coach, etc. It’s important to be specific because the end result we desire determines the direction from the start. Filling in the details maps out how we get there.

My Turn

Now it is my turn to ask you for your support. One of my goals for this year is to be more transparent. For me, this means maneuvering my desire to represent my brand as all-knowledgeable (*cough cough*) and to share more about my own struggles. I am not perfect. Last month I started this type of sharing (read the article here) and I will continue to do so. Let’s keep it real.

Here’s the next tribulation that I want to reach out to you with…

In 2013 I wrote my book Happy Woman Happy World and I co-founded a publishing company. Within the first year I realized it was too much work on top of what I was already doing, so I resigned. I recently learned the publishing company lost its distribution deal and the book rights have reverted back to me. The book is still available on Amazon but not in wider distribution.

Please Help Me

There are two things I need your help with. First, I am looking for a high profile woman who is known to stand up for women’s issues to write a foreword for my book. Second, I am looking for advice on either self-publishing or finding another publisher who will distribute the book.

If you can offer suggestions for either of these, please drop me a note. I certainly need a little help right now.

At her lowest point, Beate Chelette was $135,000 in debt, a single mother, and forced to leave her home. Only 18 months later, she sold her image licensing business to Bill Gates in a multimillion dollar deal. Chelette is a nationally known ‘gender decoder’ who has appeared in over 60 radio shows, respected speaker, career coach, consummate creative entrepreneur, and author of Happy Woman Happy World. Beate is also the founder of The Women’s Code, a unique guide to women leadership and personal and career success that offers a new code of conduct for today’s business, private, and digital worlds. Determined to build a community of women supporting each other, she took her life-changing formula documented it all in a book Brian Tracy calls “an amazing handbook for every woman who wants health, happiness, love and success!”

Through her corporate initiative “Why Acting Like a Girl Is Good For Business” she helps companies with gender diversification training, and to develop and retain women.

If you’d like to book Beate as a speaker on New Leadership Balance or Creative Entrepreneurship for your next event please connect with me.

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