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Masterclass With Douglas Hill

Los Angeles based Douglas Hill is very dear to me. We met many years ago when he was one of the first to believe in me when I emerged as a  new, start-up stock syndication specialized in Architecture, Interior and Living Well images. At that time, he already had been widely published in magazines, books and advertisements. I feel blessed to have had someone like him on board. When Douglas told me about this new master class I didn’t hesitate for a moment to offer to promote his Master Class. As you very well know, I usually shy away from all the how-to-take-better-pictures things and focus on the business.

So, what’s so special about Douglas and why would you want to take this class?

Douglas Hill has been teaching photography for a long time. This class is limited to only a handful of participants because he is the kind of guy who holds nothing back. His lighting and composition of images is always right on. They are balanced and seem to exude serenity and perfection. The way he takes images makes sense, is pleasing to the eye and clients appreciate his exquisite bedside manners and understanding of the subject matter.

You probably know that interiors and architecture are a tough subject to photograph. It’s hard to get these type of images look right, isn’t it? What if you could ask someone how to do this who’d be willing to share his secrets? What if you could do more than just ask, what if the master stood right behind you and looked over  your shoulder and through your lens and told you about the little tweaks to get this shot to be perfect? How about if this type of photography is really much easier than you think – all you need to know are the little tricks?

If  you have you taken thousands of great photos but architecture and interiors drive you insane then this is your chance.

London-born, Douglas Hill is a seasoned professional drawing on 35 years experience with architectural photography and 15 years of teaching.  His images have been widely published in: House Beautiful, Architectural Record, Domus, World Architecture, Angeleno Interiors, Coastal Living, California Homes among many other magazines and in numerous books.  Doug is also an internationally-known fine art photographer included in major collections and represented by Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica.

Douglas Hill is known as one of the best architectural photographers in the world. He is offering his expertise to you.  Through hands-on demonstrations, field trips to noteworthy architectural locations, lectures, photo assignments and critiques.  A blend of learning through doing, classroom time, and talks by experts in the field of Architecture and Interiors. What more could you ask for?

For the photography student interested in pursuing a career in architectural photography or the interior designer or architect wishing to learn how to document his or her projects, Photography of Architecture & Interiors, a 12 week Master Class instructed by Douglas Hill.

The Master Class size will be limited to 8 participants, facilitating much more hands-on experience. Hurry there are only three more spots available.

• Doug’s long time assistant and fine photographer in his own right, Martin Cox, will be sharing some instructional duties, thus adding to the individualized attention.

• Each session will include time in which participants will be working with not only their own cameras, but Doug’s and Martin’ cameras and lighting equipment as well. This means everyone will have access to professional gear during the classroom sessions and field trips.

• Participants will be using their own cameras and lenses with the instructors’ guidance, which will help them become more familiar with them, while suggesting techniques to improve their results. Virtually everyone in the class will be using DSLRs and we will also be using a medium format setup to demonstrate some applications. Lighting techniques, both using available light and supplemental lighting, will be covered.

To read more details about this class please click the following link. Class is 12 weeks and starts May 15. Payment plans available. Your investment is $1500, that is only $125 per class! Improve your skills, make clients happy, have them book you more and refer you – that’s how you get your investment back.  You can learn more about this fantastic opportunity at

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