Mark your calendars. There is a live event in Austin in October that I am facilitating. It’s a 2 Day Class on Leadership for Women and Men in Business.This class is not specific to photography, but it is about leadership, how to get ahead, balance the demands of a busy job with your home life. We’ve put over 150 women (and men) through this program and it’s  been called life changing many times.

Below please find an interview with David Favor and it’s worthwhile watching.  It explains what The Women’s Code is, how it applies to men and women, and why it will radically change the way you interact with women.

Warning: the video is 50 minutes long. This is not for those who want quick-fixes.

Why is this posted here? Because I like business, making people successful, and helping especially women to get ahead. That’s why I created a program especially for women.

If you want to find out more about a live event or sign-up.

This course is for men and women. If you have questions about the event, let me know. Contact me (Beate Chelette) directly.

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