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Announcing Cash In A Flash System, The Secrets for Your Career as a Working Photographer

The time has finally come and am am announcing what I have been working on tirelessly for the last few months:

Yes, I proudly admit that I created a product that is geared toward educating photographers how to run their photography businesses.

Before I tell you what it is all about, let me just get some of the objections I hear out of the way. Those of you who have met me or done business with me before know that I am a straight shooter and no-fuss person. What I say I mean and what I say I will do – I do.

Objection #1: I am not ready

This is called the postponement excuse. If only x would happen then I could do x which in return would make me get your system (or course, or class, or workshop, or coaching).

I know the information and the tricks of how this works. I care about your business and while I admittedly like to run a profitable business (as in I provide a product or service and get paid for it) it is ultimately up to you to make a change in your photography business. If what you are doing is not working and you will be the judge of that than can you afford to keep on doing the same thing? Nothing changes unless you are ready to change it.

I truly believe in the Cash In A Flash System. The time is now. There is no benefit in waiting for x to happen. Because x never happens unless you make it happen and you need to know what x will be because you planned for it. That is why you need the system because it shows you in easy steps how you can take action today.

Objection #3: This is another one of those internet scams

It’s not. I use my real name and you can Google me and you will find over 3500 results. I am legit and I’ve done what I said I did. Click on the About Me section and follow the links to check it out. I am doing business on the internet as this is where the future of business is conducted and I am a trailblazing creative entrepreneur.

Objection #3: I have no money

This is called a poverty mindset and I want you to have a wealth or prosperity mindset. If you think you have no money your space contracts and you literally are blocking the positive flow. There are studies over studies on mindsets. This is one of the fundamental teachings of the power of positive thinking and used by The Secret or any teacher like Tony Robbins, Les Brown and of course myself. You need to think about investing and enriching (as that includes an expectation of return) and not spending (which makes you think money just goes out the door).

My system works and I guarantee it.

So what it this guarantee? First of all to overcome objection #3 I am letting you try out the Cash In a Flash System for free for 30 days. You pay $19.97 shipping and handling. After 30 days you will be billed four monthly low investments of $167.

But that wasn’t enough for me, I want to prove it to you that this is not a scam but a serious program, a proven system that works that will help you with your business and generate money. So I added a 90 day guarantee. If at anytime during 90 days you feel that the system is not for you  just ship it back to me and I’ll issue a refund.

But that still wasn’t enough for me so I decided to make a bold claim. This is to overcome Objection #2. I guarantee that you will make money using the Cash In A Flash System. So, if you, after using this system for one year and couldn’t find at least one idea that you were able to use and as a result recouped your investment, I will write you a check for the entire investment you made and add an extra $100 to it.

How is that for a personal guarantee?

Now that we have gotten your objections out of the way and demonstrated that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, let me talk about what the “Cash In A Flash System” is.

You know that I sold my stock photography business to Bill Gates’ Corbis a few years ago. Needless to say that I am very grateful for “making it.” What you don’t know is that I struggled for 10 years.  Two steps forward and three steps back and by 2003 I was $130,000 in debt and as close to bankruptcy as anyone could be. 12 months later I am the world leader in my niche licensing images into 76 countries and in 2006 I sold the whole business.

So what do I know? The system is the result of what I learned the hard way – it shows you the RIGHT way. In addition I have invested the last two years and learned about information marketing, automation and how a business that makes money needs to be set up TODAY. Truth is, what I did a few years ago could not be repeated today. Hence I am not even trying,  I learned new things along the way that I am implementing and this system is the result.

This is what is included:

  • The Home Study Guide: Cash In A Flash System, The Secrets To a Career as a Working Photographer
  • 4 Audio CD’s: The official club CD series
  • A comprehensive list of photography associations in the USA and Canada
  • Model Release, ready to use
  • Property Release, ready to use
  • Links to the most renowned photographer portfolio and web design websites
  • Listing of back-end automation software, contact management and email blasts
  • Listing of renowned industry attorneys and special photography events.

In addition to my guarantee I am also adding the following 4 bonuses absolutely FREE:

  • Bonus #1: Unlimited E-Mail Access
  • Bonus #2: Silver Membership into the Photo Team free for 60 days (value $194)
  • Bonus #3: Audio CD: Former Ford Model booker tells all: Everything You Need To Know About Working With Models and Negotiating With Agencies (value $197)
  • Fast Action Bonus (first 50 only): Audio CD: New Media for Photographers with Rosh Sillars (value $57)

If you are ready to try this risk free offer (now this is overcoming Objection #1) and want to do kick your career to the next level click here.

If you are still need more time to think about it and are back at either Objection #1 or Objection #2  or Objection # 3 and what to read testimonials click here.

To your success. This system is here to stay (the bonuses might change), so it’s up to you if you are ready to act now or are still waiting for x to happen before you will take action.

And as a final launch initiative I am adding a one hour coaching session for you. This option is only available to those who choose the lump sum payment of $597. If you choose the payment option you will get a 15 minute coaching session.

Ready to enroll? Click here

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