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New Photography Business Group Launched

If you are a photography professional or from a related media field you are invited to join “Photography Business.” It is a new group dedicated to share tips and tricks about the photography business.

The group is specifically designed to market and promote yourself and your business OR to learn on how to do that more effectively OR how to help others to succeed. You may market to the group if you have specials that are interesting and relevant for the group such as workshops or discounts to a service or product. You may post press releases, book and product launches and are encouraged to tell the group about what you do.

Rules: Your topic or discussion or press release needs to revolve around the photography business, so no camera questions or equipment critiques. It has to be relevant and pertinent. We appreciate good bedside manners so please be constructive, open and supportive.

The group is open to RM, RF, Micro, commercial, editorial and consumer direct photographers as well as anyone working in any type of relevant business and media.Would love to get a few app’s people in there as well. You must be a full-time professional or very seriously on your path toward it. The group is not right for hobby or amateur photographers.

In the first five days we’ve had over 200 incredible professionals that have chosen to join.

Would love for you to join as well. Here is the link.

Best wishes,


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