If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen a post about me having found out that someone had been holding a grudge toward me for a over a decade. The phone call that led to that post made me re-examine my relationships. I have since set new personal goals for the coming year and I am cleaning house. There are multiple layers of actions I am taking. I’ve been on the phone connecting with old friends and acquaintances. I have been making a point to show up in person whenever the opportunity presents itself and I am revisiting my ‘friends’ on Facebook. What happened was that this particular person and I go back to the very beginnings of my career in Los Angeles. We both were photographer reps at one point. She then specialized in support services whereas I went to the production side. When I reconnected with her I was in for a big surprise.

We chatted about what she is doing, what she has been doing, and what she will continue to do. I spoke about what I am up to and mentioned my excitement that once again our path seemed to align. Next she says these words “see Beate- the reason we are not friends is that I have an issue with you.” She goes to explain two different incidents, one 12 years ago, the other 4 years ago. Mounting her case to what she perceives as ‘the Beate …

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