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Last week I got a little heat here and there from some of the photographer groups and forums that I posted my ideas and events. Is SHE (as in her – me) for REAL?

By all means, don’t take my word for it, do your homework. A Google search gets you 1080 results, enough to keep you busy for an afternoon. I am as real as it gets.

In the past I have gotten plenty of heat about some of my ground breaking ideas and innovative methods of implementation. Here is where my favorite quote comes in:

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw
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"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw

So let us put some big picture ideas in perspective and let us try to be as unreasonable as possible!

– The economy is what it is, all the whining and complaining won’t change a thing.

– The photography industry has changed more in last five years than it has in the previous twenty. Why is that? Is that good or bad? Answer: Who cares?

– The good old times are not coming back. I remember working with Helmut Newton back when I was at Elle Magazine and I went to London for see his first joint exhibit with his wife. I remember the beauty images from make-up artist turned photographer Tyen and I have a letter personally addressed to me from George Hurrell hanging in my office. Those were great times when each image was a piece of art and valuable. But I hate to break it to you, those days are gone.

– Is the fact that photography is becoming a commodity better or worse than what I just described? To be honest with you. When I see how my teenager daughter works, actually utilizes multimedia to express what she feels and thinks – I can’t but help that think it is a great thing that photography has become available to everyone.

What I have noticed is that much of the frustration that I hear about comes from not really understanding how photography is changing and the fear of the devaluation of what images are worth today. I live and breathe photography. While many don’t want to hear it, the business behind photography is the key on whether or not you get your images seen. I help photographers to understand what they need to do to get their work out in front of clients and shockingly – how to make money. I have a photography degree and I used to think its only about the image. It is still about the image but you got to be able to deliver a lot more than just a good image today to earn a living. Being a starving artist is no fun.

My experience is pretty vast, I was a photo editor, a producer, a photographer rep and finally I ran a stock photography syndication. Best of all after years of struggles I figured out a program that will address most of what you need (note – not want) to know. The first introduction to some of the basics is given in my session on the free call on Tuesday March 31, 2009. I’ll cover as much as I can in only 30 minutes.

As a insider heads-up to you bloggers:  In the free call on Tuesday I will introduce the launch of my first program. A four week teleseminar course. In each class (once a week, beginning in April) I am speaking to a: working, successful photographer, an art buyer, a photo editor/producer and the last session is with me where I will cover marketing, branding and other business essentials.

I am also launching a monthly charter membership program beginning in June. This membership includes a monthly audio CD with interviews with people from all areas of the industry. Stock, editorial, advertising, all kinds of photography, marketing, networking, sales support, back-end solutions, automation, search engine optimization, copyright law and and and.

I extended on several photographer forums and this blog an invitation to send me specific questions. In the upcoming calls I am asking these real questions to professionals who will give you the real answers, straight up. These people are my friends, colleagues and former associates. I have access to people you usually can’t get on the phone. I want you to orient yourself upward and learn and listen what someone who did it and has succeeded has to share. The people I talk to are not just some so-called expert who struggle to pay their bills,  but industry professionals with extraordinary success stories who have done what they say.

Some of my friends like Smashbox studios or Pix rentals already have expressed interest in running specials for Photosecrets participants.  That alone can recover your investment. A physical how-to handbook is in the works right now and will be launched in June. That will incorporate business forms such as how to set up the physical business, when you should do it, model and property releases and of course a run-down on all the different aspects that go into running a photography business. For people who signed up for the inaugural four week teleseminar course that product will be discounted as some of the information from the class will be in there.

What I do is pretty straight up and I appreciate your initiative and openess and want to be honest with you about what you can expect. You have to decide if you want to invest in the only person you can always rely on: YOURSELF. Whether or not that is with me or somewhere else – I don’t really care, just take action to beat this economy and create the life that you want to live.

And one word on the way I do things (I believe someone said hokey): While my marketing is following the current trends (and admittedly can come across as a little loud) it works. These are some of the strategies I will teach you so that when you are ready to go out there – you have a solid strategy that you can execute that will bring you results.

Sign up for the 30 minute call right now. You already know that the membership and the paid teleseminar will be introduced, so there are no surprises. Send me your specific questions ahead of time at (my personal email). There is an additional 10 min Q&A so you will have an opportunity to ask questions. If you like what you hear you can decide if that is for you or not. And either proceed or not. While I love to help and educate I have to make a living, too. Just like I don’t want you to work for free (and I will show you how to not do that) I can’t do it either. But, everything I do is guaranteed. If you don’t get at least one idea that you can implement that helps you, you get your investment back. That is how strong I feel about the quality of what I do. And for whatever it is worth. You are welcome to post any questions or critique on the blog openly.

The sign-up for the free report is here To sign-up for Tuesday you can also go here: Again, thank you for your interest and I hope I see you Tuesday.

Best wishes, Beate

P.S. The number of sign-up’s for tomorrow already exceeded what I had set for my goal. From here on it’s gravy for me. Thank you – I do appreciate your interest.

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