Just a moment ago I finished my session with Executive Director of Photography for abc Television Ettore Zuccarelli.

What a great call that was! For one hour Ettore shared the in’s and out’s of his job at abc very openly. This seventeen year veteran talks about he got to be where he is today and what it took to get there.

I’ve discovered that it is him and his team who come up with ideas for such big shows as “Desperate Housewives,” “Greys Anatomy,” “Ugly Betty,” “LOST” and TV specials including “The Oscars,” “Emmy’s” and the “American Music Awards.” The shoots that he develops and produces are picked up by such magazine staples as “Entertainment Weekly,” “People” and “TV Guide.”

In our call we discussed how Ettore finds photographers and what attributes and qualifications they must posses. I have heard how Photo Directors find new photography talent but Ettore managed to surprise me with a new way that I have never heard of! One of the most clever ones yet – I admit!

Did you know that for each new television season a new look is created? That in the world of television show photography it is better if you showcase a variety of looks/styles in your portfolio? That while Ettore wants to know what your look is, he stills needs to see all that you can do. Different shows have a different look and it has to mesh with your work.

In addition we spoke about ego’s of creatives and how a professional photographer should manage a crisis on a shoot. As always we discussed the right way to contact him and how to stay in touch with a creative. Ettore gave away his secrets of what a photographer never should do and what he or she always should do.  He covered what he thinks about reps and what a  photographer has to know and do if he or she does not have one. In addition Ettore offered a great special – he will look at Photography Business Secrets Subscribers work. If you want to know how, the details are on the audio.

This is all straight talk. There is no fluff but hard questions. My interviews are as real as it gets and all designed to make you understand what you need to do to get ‘there.’ So how can you get your hands on this incredible information?

Ettore Zuccarelli is our kick-off guest for our Charter Membership of Photography Business Secrets that I am launching in June. You can try out the subscription for only $1 and listen to the interview on an audio CD that we will be mailing out in the first week of June. Charter Memberships are only available for a short time longer – until May 31st. After that we will revert to our regular pricing of $97 per month.

So what is in it for you and what exactly do you get?

– You get to try out the subscription for only $1 (less than a cup of coffee). All the information I just told you about is yours for a buck.

– Each month after the introductory month you invest the low fee of $77. That is discount of $20 over the regular price of $97 for life. Every month you will get an audio delivered to your door filled with information, tips and secrets from the most respected names in the photography industry. These are people you can’t access easily but I can and I am bringing them to you.

You get my double guarantee. 1.) If you don’t find at least one idea you can use – send the CD back and  you get your money back. 2.) You can cancel anytime, there are no long term commitments.

And because I want to make this really easy for you,  I have decided to add a fantastic bonus. Something I have never done before. I am giving you a FREE COACHING hour with myself as a signing bonus – just for trying out the Charter Membership. The coaching sessions are filling up and the first one is starting on June 6th. Remember my specialty is the business behind photography. You can ask me anything and I will tell you what I know. It could be how to make your dream of becoming a photographer a reality or design a hands-on action plan for your existing photography business. . This bonus is valued at $500 and yours for free. But you have to act now – the deadline is approaching.

I’ve given you every incentivenow it is up to you. Are you serious about getting your photography business to the next level or not? I am all about taking action but now you need to take the first step or you do nothing and nothing changes. What do you have to loose? Can you afford to invest one dollar? I guarantee that you will get a multiple return on your investment. My offer is absolutely risk free. And why would you listen to me? That is simple – I’ve done it and I can show you how to do it, too.

Enough said, go here now and take advantage of my offer. I’ve said it all.

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