HEAR BEATE LIVE at Ideas on October 20, Los Angeles 2018

Click here to get your ticket for the must-attend event Oct. 20 for anyone that is already in Data Science or just looking to expand their career network.

Last night I went to yet another event in Los Angeles. Smashbox and the restaurant Clafoutis hosted an industry soiree. The crowd indulged on hors d’oouevres that just kept coming and were quite tasty.

(click on link to to Pix’s website)

I chatted with photographer Robert Sigler, Smashbox’s Kara, Dee and the handsome Abraham . Designer Cassie Betts, photographers Kori Stanton and Joe Schmelzer, Stylist Tiohn Harris who looked quite fabulous, producer par excellance Lisa Grezo, owner of the LA Photo Group T.J. Crume and Pix’ Eric Chuang, make-up artist Tami Imondi and Steven Ruiz. At least another hundred or so people showed up and indulged in the Pama specialty drinks provided by the sponsor Pama Liquor. The place was packed. We all like a really good free drink, and that Pama Margarita was excellent!

(click on image and go to Smashbox’ website)

(click on the image and see Joe’s work)

Note: This is a monthly industry mixer, stay tuned for announcements for the next one.


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