Keep Your Camera With You at All Times

Keep Your Camera With You at All Times
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(c) Kirk Francis

You want to improve your photography skills, what do you do?  The first thing you can do is keep your camera with you and use your camera as much as you can.  Keeping your camera in the case stored in your closet isn’t going to help you improve your craft.  These are not the days of film, your digital camera can take thousands of photographs without costing you anything except your time and some wear and tear on your shutter.  If you don’t want to lug around your large DSLR, that’s fine, bring a point and shoot camera.  Even if you don’t have a point and shoot, use your smart phone.  You will still be practicing, and that is what is important.  I recently attended an event with many older pros with many decades of experience that offer great advice.  The one thing they always say is “never leave home without a camera”.

One place I find very interesting and exciting to use my camera are community events like a street painting festival.  My family just participated in the Lake Worth Florida Street Painting Festival.  The artists working on their street paintings offer many great subjects along with their artwork.

Bring your business cards.  There will most likely be many photographers at the street painting festival or other community event giving you an additional opportunity to network and get to know other photographers.  You may even learn about other events or photographer groups you may participate in.

On top of that, you may also pass your business cards out to the artists you take photos of providing even more networking opportunities and a chance to get your work seen by other artist and possibly new clients.

Keep shooting and keep improving.

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