Best interview ever with Emmy winner Chris Do.

You will love this one, he’s a legend, you need to know who he is. Watch here

As I am getting ready to post my updates on the various forums and LinkedIn Groups  come accross a little blurb from Gordon Gooch, the co-founder of GoNogging Inc.

He asks where his company DatingHeadshots could advertise so that they can find photographers across the USA and Canada? They tried Craigs list and PDN but it’s not working. Because I know that a lot of portrait photographers subscribe to my blog I thought I’ll help him out.

What does that mean for you? If you are a portrait or headshot photographer please go here. Make sure you read the page head to toe. If you qualify and like to make some extra income you should fill out the information and submit your application.

While you might not win a photography contest with this making people look good so that they can find true love is kind of a nice thought, isn’t it?

Don’t wait, take action now, only takes 10 minutes.

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