Can You Help A Hot Momma?

Please note that in this post I am asking you to assist on a great project. We are looking for photos and there is a $0 budget. Because we were having so many discussions about Free (that I do not want to revisit, I think we discussed that topic) I am telling you this upfront. For those of you who say NEVER to free please disregard or delete this post.

For those of you who are open to hear what this is all about please read on. My friend and Entrepreneur in Residence at The George Washington University School of Business in DC Kathy Korman Frey founded the Hot Mommas Project in 2009. One of my big projects in life and a cause very close to my heart is to assist working women with great ideas and busy lives to find a work-life balance. I have written a book called “Women Who Want It All and Get It, Too” for this reason. The book is still under development but I hope to have news for you soon on that end.

When I first heard about the Hot Mommas Project aside from loving that title I also submitted my case. Which is in essence my story but with definitive teaching points. This project is about showcasing teachable role models for women and girls. In 2009 I was a Top 25 finalist and my story was voted a ‘Popular Case Winner’ If you’d like to check that out or know a woman who could benefit from the experience of women like me, please send them to this link. I wear this badge proudly.

FYI: There are classes that interested women can take. Here are two links to two fall classes. and You can also suggest someone you know who you believe is a great female role model to submit their case. If you know a dynamic woman (18 or older) nominate her to tell her story at

You can check out the stories of  the world’s largest collection of global teachable role models for women and girls by clicking here.

I am telling you this so you can see that this legit and a great cause. And here is the request. The Hot Mommas Project is looking for images of diverse women. All ages, all ethnic groups, close-up’s, hands, full body, half body, groups and women business images such as briefcases, handshakes, teams etc.

If you are willing to donate one or more images to this great cause please send an email with a lightbox link to and if please cc me on it so that can assist in any way I can

Your win-win? It’s a very popular website and it’s a great cause. I especially hope that the women amongst you will be moved to submit a few images for consideration. There will be credit with a link to your website.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

Beate (Hot Momma)

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