It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” ~ George Washington

With practice, you’ll begin to recognize how you put yourself down in actions and words and thoughts.

Over time you will learn to replace the negative statements with more appropriate positive ones. I will help you with this in the next exercise. I’ve created an exercise to help you identify where you harbor negative beliefs that might be holding you back

How to do this exercise:

Write a list of statements that you commonly make throughout the course of a day, a week, even each month. Take note of the negative statements you make and write all of them down on a piece of paper and put a check mark next to each statement as you count how many times you say it.

You may be surprised at how the negativity piles up. And you may be surprised, when you see this, how it becomes a matter of acknowledging it, then changing your attitude, and seeing how your whole outlook changes.

Here are some examples of some negative thoughts that might trigger your own (use these as a guide, of course).

Today, I said:

  • I will never get over this IBS.
  • This relationship is just too complicated.
  • Will I ever make money with this?
  • I will have another problem with my teeth, I just know it.
  • I’ll never get another job.

You can see how these things piles up.

Now, as you look over your list, tell me, was there a certain type of complaint, or a certain type of negative statement, that kept cropping up again and again? It might lead to a real moment of clarity for you. I’d love it if you shared those statements with me – as I see how you’re making an effort toc hange, your progress will help others, too. Thanks so much for sharing.


Image by Michael Albany Photography

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