I am not beating around the bush, I need your help. I am about to go into the studio to record new videos. Yes, I’ve listened to you about wanting me to put a bit more effort into the visuals. So I am. I’ve got an entire day at the fabulous Siren Studios in Hollywood. But, here is my problem, I am drawing a bit of a blank. Can you tell me what you would ask me if you had me for an hour lunch, just you and me talking about the photography business. What would it be?

You can ask me anything about the business aspect of photography from finding clients, to which social media outlets work, to how to get people on the phone – fire away. Your question may just be the lucky one that gets turned into a video.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Your coach Beate

What I want to know about the Photography Business is….. (ask your question in the comment field below)



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