Recap of Free Call with Daniel Tardent

I am mad. Actually, I am really mad and here is why.

This past Tuesday I facilitated my monthly Free Call with Daniel Tardent. It was a call on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We had almost 200 people who had pre-registered for the call. We had lots of questions that came in before the call. It was clear to us that SEO is a hot topic for you. Most of you don’t know a lot about what SEO means or how to do it right. And many of you don’t understand what your ranking in the search engine means, why you need a good one or, to take it further,  how to get your ranking to go up.

And yet, a lot of you didn’t show up to the call and we had very little response and sign-ups for the 21 Day course on SEO that we offered.

Just a moment ago I got off the phone with Daniel. The owner of Beautiful Artists Websites and the co-author of “The Artists SEO Success System.” I had to apologized to him on your behalf and told him that I am simply baffled.

Here is what I think is happening. You are reading this blog post because you understand at some level that your photography business is in fact a business. Not just a dream that will help you to support your Bohemian lifestyle.  You come here because you want to get clients, take pictures, have a calendar full of bookings and ultimately MAKE MONEY.

Let’s get this straight. I understand that you prefer to talk about the art. The lighting technique, what you did on the creative side and we could go on endlessly about what that new lens would do, that pro-pack, the new computer (hey I just bought the new 27 inch iMac), the proper back-up and rent that studio that you want so badly. But, let me ask you, how in the world are you going to pay for it?

I’ve been broke and I mean really broke for a very long time. It took me 13 years to figure out how to run my photography business like a business needs to be run. When I struck gold I decided that I will take my knowledge and will bring it back to you so that you, too can find your path to your success. And I can get you there much faster than the 13 years it took me. Even if I have to yell at you, drag you, kick you in the rear or do whatever a good coach and mentor does.

Keep doing what you are doing and nothing changes. If you are that happy and satisfied with how your business provides for you, you go do just that – nothing.

So why am I so mad at YOU?

You are wasting your and my time. I could be sitting on the beach with a bucket of Coronas and it’ll be a much better experience than the last two days!

I get it, the SEO Photography Course is not as sexy as a trip to the Provenance to photograph pretty flowers. It isn’t as fulfilling as that lighting workshop or a trip to the camera store to buy that new lens, camera or other equipment that you’ve wanting. And that course isn’t going to make you take better pictures or will make your website prettier or more current.

… But what it will do is get your work seen.

I know you don’t really want to do the business part. Why, because you probably suck at it. It’s not fulfilling or fun. So you rather spend your time and money doodling around cleaning up your images, and obsessing over your last image and what should go on your website, blog or fan page. You can stop doing it because nobody sees it anyway!!!

Let me translate the lingo for you:

  1. Unless you are seen, found, get traffic and show up in relevant searches you are not getting new clients.
  2. New clients mean money in the bank.
  3. Money in the bank means you can pay your bills.
  4. More jobs means that in addition to covering your overhead you actually will generate a profit.
  5. Profit means you have extra money to invest in new equipment and the fun stuff you really want to do.
  6. Perhaps you can even take your family on that VACATION in that NICE HOTEL.

How much more of your time do you want to waste? Time is money. So why would you not invest $197 for 21 days to make sure that all this time and money pays off? You need a little bit more discipline to get your business to the next level.

Do you know how your website ranks? I challenge you, find and download and install the Alexa toolbar. If you are in the millions you are as a matter of fact invisible. Your website is worthless as a marketing tool and an expensive portfolio.

Next, Google yourself. Do you show up in a relevant search? For example ‘wedding photographer your area’ or ‘still life photographer your area?’

Have you had a single job estimate or portfolio request or actual job come in through a caller who said ‘I found you through a Google search?’

If  the above hard questions are answered with “no” then what are you waiting for?

All it takes is 21 days for a ridiculously low fee of $197. Taught by a guy who spent 9 months learning and creating a system that others charge $5000 for!

Please, for your own sake, click on the link for the Free Call and listen what we talked about. Decide for yourself if perhaps the sexiest thing you can do for your business right now is to help yourself to show up on the Internet.

The course is scheduled to start on the 21st of this month. 3 one hour sessions on Wednesday. If you agree that your business deserves to found and seen, please click here to go to the shopping cart.

Because if you continue to snooze these opportunities away for whatever reason you have I won’t be offering courses anymore. I doing this because you told me you want help. So will you for crying out loud do your part!

Here is the link to the course again. I sincerely hope that you’ve just temporary forgot that we are talking about taking your business to the next level. To sweeten the deal, I’ll add a free month of the Silver Membership for anyone signing up, another $97 incentive for FREE. I want to click here now and sign yourself up.

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