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Top 13 Ways to Piss Off a Photo Editor

As a former photo editor (I used to work back in the 80ties at trendy Zeitgeist Magazine Wiener and then German Elle) I feel the pain in this article. When you meet or talk to a potential client and specifically a photo editor, please do your homework ahead of time. What I truly love is that Photoshelters trusted panel of experts says it as it is. Just like I like it.

Also, please listen carefully how they want to be contacted. I agree with the analogy of Facebook ‘join my Fan page’ spamming. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times the same person asks me over and over again to become a fan. Maybe I don’t want to! If it gets to be too much, I unfriend the offenders. This is the stuff that you don’t even know that happens to you. You must be respectful and always at your best behavior.

Please take this article to heart. You can only make a first impression once. Make sure it’s a good one!

1) Don’t do your homework.
The most immediate and universal tactic you can use to piss off a photo editor is to avoid doing any of your own research. In fact, you should treat a busy photo editor as your own research assistant whenever possible. This will ensure your spot on his/her shitlist.

“Asking me to call photo editors of OTHER magazines on your behalf, to recommend that they meet with you.” – Roberto De Luna

“Sending me work that is not appropriate for my magazine.” – Whitney Lawson

“Contact me saying you love Wired and would love to shoot for the magazine. Do your homework. I am the photo editor at After I tell you I am not the photo editor at the magazine, then have the gall to ask me who is.” – Jim Merithew

Want to read the entire article? Click on the image below. Kudos to Grover, thanks for doing this.

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