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Blackstar Rising: Features vs. Benefits

For my monthly video column on Blackstar’s blog I recorded a short video during my last getaway weekend in Las Vegas. I’m known to run around with my video camera and while we were exploring this great National Park,  I stopped two times to ponder over the question that a reader had submitted: “What do I do once someone actually contacts me through my website, how do I close the deal?”

That question is a closing question, meaning your customer wants to buy and it’s your job to close the deal. So how do you approach that and what do you say?

Did you know that I am originally from Munich, Germany? My Bavarian roots are clearly shown in this photo that was taken at the Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas which I love to go to! I’ve been told that I get a really big grin every time I visit. Must be the food!

And here is your link to the video on Blackstar’s blog.

If you have questions about the photography business, please use the comment box below and fire away.

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