Does your website bring out the best in you?

You’ve heard this one before. “There is only one first impression.” While I believe that it’s true –  in our world a new thing can be just that one great reason you need to get in front of your clients – again,

I’ve had several posts recently about the power of good copy. If you can’t find the right words then enlist the help of someone who can take your thoughts and make them sound good. But that’s only one part of presentation. Aside from LinkedIn profiles, Social Media presence and the fun stuff – at the core sits your website.

I’ve come across so many websites that have ranking of 11 or 15 or 20 millionths. That means if your website is not a top ranked website that nobody ever comes to visit. If you have no visitors that means nobody ever even looks at your website. That means you are not utilizing one of the most powerful tools a photography professional can have – your visual online presence.

Summer is a slow time. It often feels like most people are taking a step back and focusing more on themselves. Many businesses use this period to pay more attention to developing their own business…or just to taking time off.

As frustrating as this can be when you want to push forward, I encourage you to make the most of this time. For example, I’m using this time to focus on the redesign of my web presence and marketing materials, and I’m willing to bet you could benefit from doing the same thing.

That’s where my next guest comes in. I’ll be talking with Matt Baily, the co-founder of liveBooks. Not only did Matt spend years working as a fine arts photographer himself, he eventually became a master printer, doing work for such renowned artists as Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe and the Ansel Adams Estate.

For the last seven years Matt has helped photographers market themselves on the web and mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. liveBooks is the industry-leading provider of portfolio websites with over 10,000 clients (and some really big names are included in that list.)

I know you won’t want miss this Free Call on August 10th. Matt’s in touch with so many photography professionals and artists that he has a deep understanding not only of what you want, but what clients want to see. And since I know that you may have very specific and detailed questions about this, we’ll make sure to leave plenty of time for you to ask Matt directly.

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Here are your call details again:

  • Free Call: “PORTFOLIO WEBSITES AND PRESENTATION”- What clients want to see.
  • Special Guest: liveBooks Co-Founder Matt Bailey
  • Date: August 10. 2010
  • Time: PST (Los Angeles) 5PM, EST 8PM all other times please refer to timeclock.

Hope to see you there…


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