From Anonymous to Popular

This question keeps popping up: “How do I stand out, how can I set myself apart?”

Just yesterday I was in contact with a husband and wife photographer team in Vancouver who have won my “From Flash to Cash System.” I asked for a testimonial and she said something alongside these lines. Yes, your system is simple but it’s not easy. I listen to it over and over again to remind myself.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. Standing out and being different is in essence simple but not an easy task and there is not anyone single answer that will cover this topic satisfactorily. What makes you special may only work for you and not for the next guy. What works for the guy with the heavy French accent could be unthinkable for you to do.

Imagine this process to be like dating. First you want to get their attention (first date), then you want to be remembered enough to go further (second date), then you want to make such a consistent impression that they want to be with you more (third date and through the first six weeks.) If all goes well you have enough to offer for the mutually beneficial long term gig.

What does it take to be in front of “them” when they need someone like you? Simple, listen to the video. Capture, segment and give them want they want consistently. Not as a one size fits all but on a one-to-one basis.

It is not realistic to expect that a client who will get one phone call or one email from you once every blue moon will have a vivid recollection of your work and specialty. Just like you can’t expect that first date to know if you are long-term material if you don’t get back within a reasonable time frame and remain well… interesting!

That is a keyword as is consistency. What does Tim Gunn says on Project Runway: Make it work!

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