This fabulous and humorous info graphic will shed some light on the glamorous profession of a professional photographer.

Being in the photography business means that you are the envy of our friends.  With your gift and talent this should be easy.  Get ready for excessive global travel to exotic locations with beautiful models while capturing great images. Did we mention that this sweet life includes that you party like a rockstar 24/7?

Before you get too excited review the infographic that was originally posted by below.  The original article is here. The ugly truth is that taking pictures is a miniscule portion of the daily life in the photobiz.



The reality is that unless you are one of the very few, very high end, and very lucky, you are more likely to end up on the right side rather than the fantasy on the left. And even that side of the industry has little shooting compared to everything else. The photography industry is a business and to be in business you have a lot of hats to wear. When you have your own photography business you will be the booking agent, bookkeeper, publicist, driver, IT support, webmaster, designer and lab. The good news is that when you get to be successful you can start building your team but then you spent time managing them.

Few photography professionals have the resources (read as money) to hire staff that way. But everyone wants to be shooting all the time, in fact most photographers will give up the partying like (or with) a rock star to be able to shoot 80-90% of the time. In order to get there you need to talk to those that have blazed that trail ahead of you. You need advice, mentoring and ideas. You need a business coach.

How do you spend your time? Would love to hear from you about the realities of your time. What’s your shoot vs. everything else ratio? Which is your time sucker?

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