The first time I met Glenn Morshower was at Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar for Success Bootcamp. It is coming up again on September 23-26 and you can still secure your spot by clicking here. There are only four more seats available. He will sell out, again. I will be attending the event as well.

Glenn has been a professional and working actor for many years. His credit include over 100 motion pictures and you may remember him from the series 24.

This time I met Glenn at James Malinchak’s Millionaire Speaker Bootcamp in Las Vegas. I really like Glenn. First of all Glenn impressed me when he remembered me from meeting him for the first time. That was 9 months ago! At that event it was my pleasure to be able to assist Glenn and the organizer Craig Duswalt to control the crowd that Glenn drew. I had never seen anything like it, more than 1/3 of the room had lined up to wanting to speak with this incredible speaker. This time was no different. Let me give you a few highlights of Glenn Morshower’s session so you get the idea.

What you don’t know about him is that this is not just an actor but also a speaker who is in high demand. His topics revolve around loosing fear and watching out how you use your language to either help or hurt you. Glenn is big on mindset and possibility. He suggests a mindset of “imagine that it could be” which is in stark contrast to what many of us do, which is to prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario. One of my favorite things of his last talk was when he spoke about how he prepares for his auditions. Glenn admits that many actors are worried and nervous about going on an audition. He doesn’t. Why? Because in his mind he is preparing himself for a “meeting.” That puts him mentally and spiritually on the same level with the people that are sitting on the other side of the table. Aside from that he often does a few very outrageous things that he brings to the meeting. My favorite is when he poured syrup in his shoes (no joke, he did that.) He does that to change and alter his experience. He’s got a few of these stories that left the audience laughing.

Here are a few more soundbites that you might like. He says that he’s never met anyone who just came off a roller coaster who is not happy. Isn’t that astonishing that something as simple as that can put so many people in a great mood? That means if we all went on roller coasters more often there would be no depressed people! Glenn can’t stand sayings like it’s too good to be true, he calls that nonsense. Good guys finish last made him not much happier. Another one was that time heals all wounds – Glenn says time plus forgiveness heals all wounds. If it were for him he’d prohibit anyone to say “don’t get your hopes up”especially if it is a parent.

Are you getting this? This is an actor and a motivational speaker who is keenly aware of what energy he puts out there and how one portraits him or herself. Watch what you say and how you say it and find the blessing in what is going on in your life and trust your timing.

Again, if you want to meet Glenn you still have time to meet him in Los Angeles.

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