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How To Raise Over $5000 for Haiti

Photo producer Ellen from organized a fundraiser for Haiti. All proceeds went to Partners in Health. Meet five of the six  photographers on the video, the sixth was Christina Gandolfo (I was not avoiding anyone intentionally, I simply had to start coaching…) and take a look at behind the scenes from this shoot. We had over 73 people who signed up ahead of time and still quite a number of people who showed up during the day at the door. The total amount raised was over $5000!

When Ellen told me about this event I didn’t hesitate and told her she could count me in if she thought coaching would help to get people to show up. You just never know how people react and when Ellen thought it was a great idea I was there on February 15,  bright and early. One of my tips is to always show up early for an event as the people that count are there early, too. It gives you a chance to chat and meet everyone before the hip and happening people (usually not the decision makers) arrive.

I offered free 15 minute coaching sessions and we managed to fit ten people into my morning. I had to cut out at 12.30PM as I had another shoot which you’ll see on the blog next. Not a bad result. Truly, I essence I am being selfish because there is nothing more rewarding to me when after only fifteen minutes you get to see results. The body language changes, there are a few emotional moments and next thing you know my client walks away with a sparkle in the eye. Coaching changes people and I am grateful that I get to do this. In addition, I just love it when a group comes together to show support for a great cause,  this is very powerful and we are after all a community. When I was about to wrap up I found out that some of the people who had their headshots taken had patiently waited and there was a bit of a ‘line’ to see me. I was flattered and was glad to contribute my part to this great cause and assist in making it a wonderful event.

Again a big thank you to Ellen Herbert and her partner Barbara Frary from Neat Production. You ladies rock!


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