Have you ever heard someone saying that they feel they never worked a day in their life? This is because they are brimming with passion and love their job so much that it’s not work.

Luckily I feel pretty much the same way about what I do. In the mornings, I want to get up and work. It’s exciting and I love what I do.  As an entrepreneur, I get to turn my ideas into reality with the appropriate amount of work, of course. And as a career coach and consultant, I help my clients take their ideas and creative passions and turn them into working, money generating businesses. Is there something better?

I may be a minority when it comes to that because I read a lot of critical voices out there. Photographers are disenchanted, it is not fun for many anymore and passion has turned into a drag with impossible to-do lists attached. I have a nagging suspicion that this is often the way because the people who don’t make money lose their passion. It’s like love. Unless nurtured and fed – it dies. As I see it, the bohemian lifestyle has always been overrated and I help my clients to overcome it by generating income. Unless you can afford what you desire what is the point of working so hard?

Let me turn the spotlight on you. Has your passion for your work and industry turned sour or is your light still burning brightly? This profession that you love so much doesn’t love you back and you are taking it hard. And, consider this… people who are only doing their job can be downers and too often have a negative comment ready. Not people I–or most anyone else–wants to hire.

If you display an angry or discouraged attitude, that is a sure turn off for your clients. Are you critiquing everything feeling that ‘they’ are clueless whereas you are underappreciated? If that is the case your passion lackluster just turned your profession into a job and your inner spark has long gone missing.

Remember that passion is irresistible. It ignites your spirit. It gives you wings. You feel good. Tasks are accomplished with ease because you are feeling your blood pumping through your veins with excitement. You can’t wait. This makes you better than others because you are interested and interesting. It is written all over you. PASSION means I love what I do. It is an attribute that I look for in the people I hire.

Passionate people ask: tell me more and how can we do this?  Passionate people get a kick out of being able to produce something that you can see right there and then! In the photography business, for example, it’s the instant gratification of looking at your camera and voila! There it is – the result. Or when your clients leave your spa, studio or your coaching session, and they feel great about themselves. What excitement. You did this. Isn’t that amazing?

If you have fallen into the job trap you may have forgotten what made you do this in the first place. Of course there will be competition. Every business has competition.

I want you to remember why you are doing the work you chose in the first place. Get your attitude in check, using these helpful tips. Start next month strong. Do what you need to do to and remember what you are doing it for. Revise your website, make the content come alive, attend social and networking events, get moving! Or as a recent study suggests, spend a lot of time on Facebook because the support and appreciation of your friends can lift your spirits, too.

Do what you must to get back that fire in your eyes when you talk about your profession. Clients want to see that, it is irresistible.

Please let me know how you are keeping your fire burning in the photography business! I am curious to see what tips you have for the rest of us! And we need to keep reminding ourselves to stay positive.

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