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Take a look at this newsletter that just came in the door today. You’ll be particularly interested in the part about how Time, Inc. envisions future photographer contracts….


Your PhotoBiz Coach Beate

August 22, 2010

Meg Weaver, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher,
Maria Connor, News Assistant
Jamie Engle, Managing Editor
Jenny Furniss, Marketing Support Specialist
Lisa Romeo, Senior Editor
Shelagh McNally, News Editor
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Dear readers,

Hallelujah, magazines can finally sell annual subscriptions for the iPad!

Apple and Time Inc (SPORTS ILLUSTRATED*, COOKING LIGHT*, SUNSET*) have finally hammered out an agreement to let PEOPLE* magazine print subscribers access its new iPad app for free, opening up the heretofore closed subscription market for publishers.  What it cost Time Inc we don’t know but Apple has insisted from the start that it wants part of the pie by taking a cut on all app downloads.

There’s only one little problem: Photographers.

Seems they also want to make money, especially since they actually did some work.  They – and their agencies – were reportedly upset with People’s assertion that it shouldn’t have to pay extra fees when it uses agency photos on the app that are already featured in the print issue.  Time Inc believes strongly that its print subscribers should have access to its digital products without having to pay more, unlike, for example, Conde Nast (VOGUE*, GQ*, BON APPETIT*,) which is developing a pricing structure for each delivery method in addition to print/digital bundles priced higher than stand-alone subscriptions.

Add to this the increasing multiplicity of platforms that is proving to be a logistical nightmare for tracking usage.  This, Reuters believes, is why publishers are likely looking to steer negotiations to a subscription model, whereas photo agencies prefer a la carte deals that recognize the widely varying value of each individual photo.

It is expected that this stand-off will continue for some time.

Elsewhere in the industry:

Newsstand sales have been falling since the beginning of 2008, generally following the national economy’s performance, according to John Harrington’s The New Single Copy newsletter.  It continues: “However, while some classes of retailers have begun to report stabilized sales, magazine sales have continued to fall, although not at the double digit rates of most of 2008 and 2009.  Many retail analysts have talked about long term changes in consumer buying habits.  Those changes, including a resistance to impulse sales, may be a factor in soft magazine numbers.”…

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