Guerrilla Marketing is a must read for any business owner as is Guerrilla Selling. I read my first copy when I was a photography rep and needed to close a few sales but truly sucked at it. It’s a bible and I can’t emphasize enough how important of a resource this is.

I love what they do so I am on their list and I think you should join it, too. Here is the link to some free online Guerrilla Marketing Training that I think is so worth it to sign up for: I love that he’s talking about web 3.0 and it’s quite forward thinking.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid and it’s not an affiliate link. You will most likely be receiving emails and some point there is an offer. (You didn’t think they make money by giving away everything for free, right?).

So sign up, watch the video series, learn what you can and give them the courtesy of hearing them out. Marketing is the KEY to your success. Not just your photography biz but any business.

And while we are at it, take a look at the post I just saw on the Mashable Blog. YOU MUST WATCH THESE THEY ARE INSANE!


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