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Get Paid to Learn the Photography Business
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Wow, I got paid to learn the photography business!  As someone that is emerging in this industry, I am in need of experience, referrals, and references.  How do you do that?  How do you get started?  How do you get experience?  If you don’t have experience, how do you get it?  Its a vicious cycle.

One way to get started in the photography business is to network with other photographers.  True professional photographers that are confident in their abilities will be more than happy to assist you get started in the photography business.  They want talented photographers to stay in the business and enhance it.

For this particular job I have been interacting with this photographer for over a year.  He has been critiquing my work and giving me advice.   I have asked to assist him and it just hasn’t worked out for us to get together.  Last month I received a call from him and he needed someone to cover a birthday party that he was unable to shoot due to a wedding that same weekend.

I showed up and completed the job, delivered the photographs and now I have not only a happy client but referrals and references.

If you would like to do the same, network, network, network with other photographers.  You never know when one of the photographers you regularly interact with may need a hand.  In fact, after completing the job, I called to let him know that the job went well and the client was happy.  During our conversation, he let me know he was short handed at the wedding.  I reminded him I was still willing to assist him when he required additional help.  Now that I did a small job well for him, he may be using me on something a bit larger like a bridal location shoot.

All I can tell you is to network, ask, gently remind, and be patient.  Your time will come.



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