If you haven’t seen this yet, or even if you have, you should get your copy now.

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From Photoshelter:

Learn your rights and protect your photos.

As a photographer, it’s crucial to know your rights in order to protect yourself and your work. Copyright law may seem like a daunting subject to wrap your head around, but with a little help from the experts at the American Society of Media Photographers, we’ve created the brand new The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright to prep you on how to protect your images.

Download the guide and learn the ins-and-outs of U.S. copyright law, the major trends we’re seeing today, and how to avoid infringement.

From this guide you’ll learn:

  • Your 6 exclusive rights under copyright law
  • Tips to register your work through the U.S. Copyright Office
  • The risks to weigh before posting your photos to social networks
  • And more

From ASMP:

This free guide, released in partnership with PhotoShelter, contains valuable information to help you understand copyright law, learn how to protect your images and safeguard your work from infringement. The guide also offers in-depth interviews from ASMP contributors who address key areas including major trends in copyright today, how to incorporate copyright registration into a daily workflow, the risks to weigh before joining social networks, demystifying what counts as “fair Use,” and copyright for video and motion.

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