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Two weeks ago I facilitated my monthly free call with author and professional speaker James Goddard. The call wasn’t about my usual type of business related topics but this time it was about having the right mindset. Each month I have a free call that is open for anyone to join. The next one is called “Great photos don’t sell themselves”and is about marketing. As a side note, this call is almost full, the second record sign-up in a row.

Many of you are familiar with the blockbuster “The Secret” or, if you are old school like me you may remember “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Nevertheless thinking positive or having the right mindset is anything but easy. That’s why I wanted to get a professional on this topic and one whom the audience could relate to.

Before I dive into this call and what was said let me share something with you. Please listen to a radio interview that James Goddard did with me, to kick off his brand new show “Slow Down and Achieve.” Here is your link. If you want to hear the story of why I wrote a letter to the White House and what happened after that, this call is for you.  James  weekly radio show is designed to give you a regular boost of staying in the right mindset and to slow down. He interviews me about my story, what I did to make it and we even spoke about photography related things like “what is a great picture”. But, best of all we were having just a great time on the phone.

Jim is a great guy to talk to. I enjoyed being interviewed by him and when it was my time we turned the tables. In January’s free call we spoke about his book “Freedom for a Day” . I am sharing the link of that call publicly with you and it is a first. Never before have I shared a link of a call that I did but I will make an exception this time.The reason is that this information is so good and so helpful and in essence so simple that you can’t afford to miss it. Given the response we got, photographers just like you loved it. Please click here for the interview.

James will take you through what you can do to make each and every day a perfect day. He explains what ‘being and living in the moment’ really means and how you can implement that in  your day to day routines. James big thing is that he wants you to stop being your own worst enemy. He pointed out how easy it is to see faults in everyone else but how can you successfully change your own behavior to the better.

The feedback on the call was amazing, let me just tell you what others said and you decide if you want to treat yourself to getting into the right mindset in the next hour.

Thank you for this interview Beate, I am grateful that I got the chance to hear it!

I ‘ve listened to several of your webinars and the one with James Goddard was by far the most useful for me. Thanks for putting it on. I think what makes a thing work for someone and perhaps not someone else is whether or not the listener identifies with the speaker/presenter, etc. This was the case for me. I was told not to expect much out of life. Well here I am 30 years into a career as a commercial photographer, educator, author and blogger. ~Michael Stern

That was a great call! FYI – This is one photographer that is going to make it. It may take longer than I want it to but – It will take what it takes. I have a great coach. ~Michael Albany

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