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FREE Information for Photographers

Do you have enough clients? Do you know how to create leads and convert them into customers? How about your follow-up? Is all that on a to-do list but you seem to not find the time to get to it? Is it impossible to get past that receptionist and the art buyer doesn’t call you back?

Maybe you need a little help.

Photography Business Secrets is only three weeks old but a runaway success. This blog alone has had almost 1000 hits in the last week (and I have had it only for one week). I posted a request for questions on LinkedIn photographer groups. The response was overwhelming, many of you want to know how to make it in this economy and others are discouraged and ready to give up.

Please don’t give up. My last business (the one I sold to Bill Gates’ Corbis) was started in a recession. Just like you, I worked hard and struggled for 10 years. But then I came up with a system and I figured it out. Don’t waste 10 years of your time – short cut your path to success and get the secrets from the professionals in the industry.

Why me? I have access to the top people in the photography industry because I have known and worked with them for 28 years. They will share with me what they will not tell anyone else.

What should you do? Go to and sign up for your FREE REPORT. You will get an email with instructions on how to sign up for Tuesday (March 31st) inaugural teleseminar. Or you skip the report and sign up right away for the free teleseminar at

Why? Unless you are swimming in money and have to turn down jobs you probably could use some help. It’s free – your worst case scenario is that nothing changes but what if you get one, two or three ideas that you can implement immediately. What if you like what you hear and get motivated and take action? You have nothing to loose and everything to gain, remember its FREE.

See you Tuesday


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