Join us on Sep 15 for the Inevitable Recovery

FREE EVENT: Learn how to address the concerns your clients and customers are having now, and redesign and rebuild your business or get your job back- just better! Reserve your spot.

Just in time for the Holiday Season we decided that we are going put something under your tree. The Free Bootcamp is open again. Last time we had to cap at 1000 people because it went out a little out of control with the number of sign-ups. This time we stabilized our system and will be able to handle everyone.

  1. What is it?: A 7 video series called: 7 Steps on How To Book More Shoots and Fill Your Bank Account
  2. When is it?: We start January 6th, the Bootcamp goes for 7 consecutive days
  3. How much time will I need?: 5 Minutes per day + 5 Minutes to think and write your action steps down. You can watch the videos at any time during the day.
  4. Is it really free?: Yes
  5. Why is Beate doing it?: Because someone has to teach you the business and it’s Christmas
  6. Where do I sign up?: Go to this page
  7. Can I tell my friends?: Absolutely – I am asking you to spread the word everywhere, let’s help every photography business
  8. I signed up last time, can I do it again?: Yes
  9. Can I win something?: Yes, but you have to sign up to find out what

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