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Recap of Call with Michael Masterson, National President of the ASPP

This last Tuesday I had the honor to speak with Michael Masterson, National President of the Association of Picture Professionals. As a reminder, each month I facilitate a Free Call. You can sign up for the next one which is on SEO for Artists already right here A more detailed announcement is to follow but I wanted you to be able to secure your spot.

Michael and I have known each other for quite some time and he is very respected in the industry. His expertise is broad and he shared with us how he got started in the photography industry. Michael is a straight shooter and a dedicated photo professional. He understands this business from more than one perspective and he is committed to helping others succeed.

We discussed what his vision as the new president is and what he wants to achieve this year. The ASPP is the only organization that allows anyone from any aspect of the photography industry to join. That means there are lots of Art and Photo Buyers, and Photo Researchers who belong to the ASPP. Which is why I recommend all photographers to join. These are the people you need to meet, as those are the ones that can give you jobs! This call was about the Power of Association and in essence about how to network. One of the reasons I keep drilling this down into you over and over again is that belonging to an organization gives you the best reason to network. In a relaxed setting and outside the day-to-day grind people are open to chat with you and want to get to know you personally.  There are sitting next to you and are at your very level at that very moment.

Michael and I spend an hour to discuss how a photo professional will benefit and most importantly “what’s in it for you.” There were excellent questions and someone asked why to join an organization if you can use social media. If you want the answer to that, please take a listen.

Please click this link to listen to the call now. Please note I had technical difficulties and the call starts five minutes into it. Thank you for your kind understanding.

There were several reasons we facilitated this call. The first one is that I wanted you to have personal access to the new President of the ASPP and to get to know him. As a special bonus the West Coast Chapter President Ellen Herbert was also on the call. Aside from introducing herself she also talked about our great event this Saturday, March 13 in S. Pasadena (Los Angeles).

As a first Michael gave an unbelievable incentive to all of you to join the ASPP. But, you must hurry as this offer expires very soon.

The regular membership is $125 for a year. I don’t know how the ASPP does it, but that’s cheap in my world. But Michael has offered a full year for only $100 and if you are in Los Angeles you get to be at the event for free.

How? Click this link now and join. Use promo code LAPromo10. See Ellen on Saturday and get in for free to this event that I am moderating.

Don’t delay and make the Power of Association work for you immediately!

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