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This announcement for my next call is a real treat. I get to speak to one of my favorite people in the photography industry JERRY TAVIN. He is a visionary as well as the ASPP member of the year of 2008. You will be hard pressed to find another person more liked or appreciated than Jerry and it is a privilege to have him on board for the call.

For those of you who are familiar with my free calls and just want to sign up, please click here to do so.

In 1994 Jerry and his wife Janou (featured in the image above on the left) created Nonstock, a high-end photography collection. Nonstock represented some 500 advertising, fashion and fine art photographers. The agency was highly respected for its unique, cutting edge and compelling imagery. After selling Nonstock to PictureArts in 2004, Jerry partnered with the French agency PhotoAlto to start a new rights-managed online collection “IC Worldwide”,an “oasis for distinguished photographers,” which reflects his leadership and vision.

On April 26, 2009, Jerry Tavin and Deborah Free jointly launched The Young Photographers Alliance (YPA). YPA is the creation of Tavin, co-founder of IC Worldwide ( and Deborah Free, the president of Picturehouse Marketing US/Visual connections  (  Founded as an international not-for-profit educational foundation, YPA is focused on bringing disadvantaged students opportunities for advancement in photography.

JOIN US on August 18th to hear from this amazing visionary. Call is at 5PM PST / 8PM EST.

Jerry and I will be talking about his foundation and the opportunities it presents. I urge you to let your assistants know so that they can sign up. Anyone who is thinking about going to photography school or is currently enrolled in one and needs financial assistance should be listening in to the call, please help to spread the word. We will cover the mentoring program, the scholarship program, the internship program and the types of educational seminars the foundation will provide.

Already some of the biggest names in photography are supporters of the organization and I will be involved as well.

In addition Jerry will share highlights of his career in photograph. He’ll discuss openly with me how me manages to find innovative ideas and continues to contribute to the photography industry. Again, this call is a real treat. Jerry is genuinely interested in photography and hugely promotes the art behind photography. I for my part can hardly wait, I am a self proclaimed huge fan and one of his biggest fans which I openly admit!

Please join us and sign up here.

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