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If you want to learn the secrets of the world’s most successful photographers for free – it’s time to enroll in the 7 Step Video Bootcamp starting on February 1st. Due to serious time constraints, (I just published my book and massive travel with being on book tour, along with speaking engagements,) the Bootcamp only opens twice a year. Yet, I am committed to helping the industry that has been so very good to me, and I want to help you to run your business better. But, if you miss this Bootcamp you won’t get a chance for another six months.

Discover the profitable behind-the-scenes secrets that today’s top photography pros are using to find more clients and make a great living! Get free access to the entire 7-Day Video PhotoBiz Bootcamp right now. Yes, it is free. Seriously – no strings attached.

Don’t delay, secure your spot, we can only guarantee access for the first 1000 participants and the Bootcamp fills up every single time. Sign up and then tell your friends. Don’t wait, ENROLL HERE right now.

Here are the daily video topics: Social Media, SEO, Branding, Marketing, Producing Successful Shoots, How to Stay Motivated, Finding More Clients

You will learn:

– How to sell yourself with confidence, without feeling sleazy
– My secret backdoor strategies for getting in front of buyers
– How to position yourself as the right photographer for the job
– What motivates buyers to choose YOU instead of the competition
– How to create winning bids that get the most from client budgets
– How to make your online presence compelling to buyers
– The truth about social media–does it even work?
– How to avoid wasting time on tire-kickers and focus on legitimate buyers

I have gotten hundreds of testimonials from the over 3000 photographers who have already taken the PhotoBiz Bootcamp. It would fill pages… but below is one of my very favorite notes that I received thus far.





Your seven-day PhotoBiz Bootcamp was spot on. These are all the things I know how to do, and have done and to build my business. In fact your seven-day boot camp is so spot on, and so absolutely true I can testify to people that when the average income of us photographer is 30,000 my income when I was doing business like I was supposed to, and in accordance with the principles of your boot camp I was billing a quarter of $1 million a year.  ~Mike Boatman



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