Five Quick Tips To Stay Balanced And Inspired
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It has begun—the season of distractions. Midweek BBQ parties, weekend weddings, kids camp, little league games, visiting relatives, family vacations, travel arrangements, inevitable last-minute care maintenance, sunny days that MUST be spent at the beach, and…everything else. In the midst of it all, we are maintaining our businesses and meeting with clients who want us to photograph their special events, too. Wait. This is summer holidays, right?


It is easy to give in to endless hours at work so you can finish this and that and yet another project before you take time off to recharge. You work so hard now so that you will have more time to relax later.

(If you feel that “later” never comes, you’ll want to read this.)


The last two days I have been sitting in my home office until 10 p.m. After working with coaching clients for two weeks on full VIP Days, I’ve neglected the things that grow my business and items that need follow-up. I am overdue to call the client who wants to book me as a speaker, one of my coaching clients is waiting for her outline, and I have added a new member to my team and I need to spend some time getting her up to speed. Plus, I am still doing plenty of radio interviews and squeezing in my regular clients wherever I can. And guess what? It’s hard to find time to do it all because each of us have our own busy summer schedules.


Seriously, what is wrong with us that we use this vacation season to make ourselves busier than ever? Why do we arrive at this place of frenzy year after year, and how can we pull through it better this time?


Let’s take a look at five quick strategies for keeping our balance.


  1. Schedule, schedule, schedule. Put it in the calendar—and I mean all of it. Shopping, working, traveling, planning, family time, and most importantly, ME time. Add hair, massage, reading time, and play time, too.
  2. Give up on perfection. If we don’t, we run into the risk of being yanked down into the Superhuman Paradox. You do what you can.
  3. Say yes to everyone who is offering to help. Coordinate carpools to the kids’ games and let each parent take a turn. When hosting a party, make it a potluck. Send your children to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a kids-only visit. They’ll create many great memories together.
  4. Have fun. What is fun for you? Do that first.
  5. Say no sometimes and be considerate of your own needs. I don’t know why this seems to be the hardest thing for us to do. Put yourself first and scrutinize what you do. Is this something you should be doing?

Not that I wish to add more to your already busy summer, but I do have two more suggestions of things for you to do. First, during your vacations and travels, and even at those less obvious opportunities (like watching your kids wave goodbye from Grandpa’s car), always keep your camera close by. Feel the excitement again of capturing  YOUR OWN small moments and memories. Second, try to visit as many art exhibits as you can to remind yourself of the limitless possibilities and be inspired by what other creatives are doing. Not only will you recharge your passion, it will recharge your business.


How do you plan to mix your business with pleasure this summer?

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