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Meet A Really Great Guy

A couple of days ago I had my friend Craig Duswalt on the call. We discussed his Rockstar System for Success. He teaches how to become a Rockstar in your industry. Twice a year he facilitates an event, his Rockstar Bootcamp in Los Angeles. The next one is on September 23-26. Please listen to the call if you are low on energy and need to hear a few pick-me-up stories. As a reminder Craig used to tour with Guns’N Roses and he is sharing a few stories on the call. For those of you who missed it and want to listen to it here is your link:

Here are some of the highlights of the call. Craig went over keypoints that every small business owner needs to know if they want to become the expert in their field fast. He explained how you can stand out from your competition which happens to be one of the most frequently asked question I get from photographers. Another thing we discussed was why that other photographer who takes not so great photos seems to be busier than you and what you should do about it.

Craig shared how he went from touring with Axl Rose to being an advertising agency writer and eventually owned his own ad firm. From there we went to become an expert on doing things on a shoestring budget (that part of his career is pretty funny and I’ve known him from those days) until he got his branding as the Rockstar expert down. Now his seminars are sold out and he routinely gets over 300 creatives into one room who learn firsthand of his marketing expertise and how they can become their own Rockstar in their own industry.

There is an offer at the end of the call to attend his bootcamp. Because he’s almost sold out and we have only 13 spots left he’s made a lowball offer. Instead of the  regular $997 you can get in for all 4 days for $297 and bring two friends. Once it’s sold out this opportunity is gone. The way I look at it. 4 days at $297 is less than $75 a day per day is less than $25 per day per person to attend. You can bring your office manager and your assistant so that everyone is on the same page. Your coupon code is to be found in the call. Here is the link to the sign-up page, but remember you need your code first.

And as an extra bonus… I will be there to hang out and help Craig behind the scene. You might just be able to catch me in the hallway and ask me a question.

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