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If you want to know what they are thinking take the training


Steve followed my advice and one week later got a job from a client who hadn't called him back in months. 

You Want To Grow Your Business

And for that you need enough clients. But who exactly are they, what are they thinking, and what are the words they need to hear that will get you their business?

It's simple. First you identify the right client, crawl into their heads so you understand what they want and what they are thinking and then engage them in a conversation that establishes that and how you can solve their problems. 

I didn't say SELL them. I said SOLVE their problems. That's what this training is about. Shifting you out of that uncomfortable sales mode into problem solving hero mode. In this training you'll gain an understanding how that works so that you get started right away.  

If you like hyped “get rich quick” schemes - this is not it. I focus on growing, building, and scaling businesses not making ridiculous promises. Ths is tangible, clear, and honest information about what it takes to get from owning a business to becoming a respected industry leader, to eventually selling a business off (if that is what you want) like I did, too BILL GATES

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About Beate  

Beate Chelette is The Growth Architect and a results-oriented businesswoman with an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven track record in growing, building and scaling women’s businesses. Once $135,000 in debt and a single mother, she successfully sold her business to a global entertainment media company owned by Bill Gates in a multi-million dollar deal. 

Through her online courses, one-on-one training programs and live speaking events, she mentors women entrepreneurs with her 5 Star Success Blueprint, developed with the knowledge gleaned from her growing, scaling and selling her own company. 

What People Are Saying

Gosh, yes!!! I absolutely LOVE you and everything about you!! My take away from this training was to get clearer on my target client and also learning about and understanding your five steps! Finally I realized that I have been doing things all wrong. I will definitely be practicing how to talk about myself as well. Thank you!

Melissa Sutherland

Thank you very much. This training was very helpful. I read about the "why" a lot and I'm squeezing my brains out to find the "deep" answer. I am a photographer and my obvious why is because I love those moments in between that are so precious. I want to preserve them. I want to capture the power of life and emotions. But up until now it was unclear what the client gets. 

Christina Naan