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Big exhale #togs and #photogs and #stockphotography enthusiasts. It has been super busy around here and I thought I’ll give you a couple of updates.

First and most importantly on November 17 is the next free call titled “The Fastest Way to the Cash.” This is a call with me directly and a hands-on session (have paper and pen ready) about identifying revenue making projects. I will be sharing survival strategies and real tips how to figure out what works in your business, how to let go of what doesn’t and laser focus on what you can do to find the “Fastest Way to the Cash.” Rule of thumb: if your income is down perhaps you would like to invest one hour into this shamelessly positive and informative teleseminar. Remember I, too had a tough time and went through a decade of really bad luck. All those things that you hear that happen to other people happened to me. Yet, I turned $130,000 debt into a profitable company that I ended up selling for multiples of my investment. If you can just find one idea your time invested will pay of a multiple. Sign up here.

My Twitter @egorhythm followers are going up daily, I have now reached 1350. But lately I have noticed that there seems to be much randomness = bad etiquette. A new thing is that some follow me so that the system sends me  a follow notice and then immediately thereafter unfollow? If I choose to follow them after I reviewed their content then they follow me again. What a waste of time! Then there are people that are not interested in the social aspect of tweeting but those just-want-to-make money people and those that want me to sign in to look at their sexy pictures! I do recommend to look at your followers and decide who will have posts that will enrich your day. If I see another ‘create 10,000 followers in 5 minutes or less’ …. The latest, I am getting my head around the lists and I have a sense I’ll like that new feature.

The Facebook Group is not doing what I want it to do. I am not hitting the mark. Following my own rules, if it ain’t not working I haven’t figured out how to do it right or it is not the right thing. Thus far there are only 108 group members and there has been 0 as in Zilch interaction. I am contemplating to setting up a Facebook Fan page instead as my personal Facebook friend request is through the roof (Beate Chelette). Because of that  now I can’t interact with my personal friends anymore because there are too many updates from my photography friends. Nor do I have the time to respond the massive amount of friend requests. One of the things I don’t like about the Fan page though is that it seems you can send over and over the same ‘become my fan’ invitation. If I haven’t joined the fan club maybe I don’t want to? If you have a minute I’d love to hear what you think about group versus fan page and if you have ideas or suggestions.

This Photosecrets blog continues to go up in ranking. Our Alexa rating is at 528K, which is  pretty good. For those of you who don’t know what that is, I’ll talk about that soon in an upcoming video. We continue to be the number one blog for number of pages viewed. People who come here look at average at an astonishing 16.7 pages. If you like this blog, please spread the word and let’s get the content out to more photographers. Please digg us, give us thumbs up for Stumble and tweet about the blog. If you subscribe to any blog listings please do suggest us and give us the mark you feel we deserve.

The “From Flash to Cash” system gets good grades. The photography industry professionals who have invested in the system seem to be impressed and are following the tips and secrets. Industry association ASPP and ASMP have approved (note not endorsed) it and stock industry news service “Selling Stock” has given it the following remarks. If you are ready to taking a serious look at this, here is your link.

From Jim Pickerell:

I’ve finally had a chance to listen to some or your CD’s and I’m
impressed with the depth of information you are offering. The people
you are interviewing are certainly experts in various aspects of the
photo business. Photographers trying to establish themselves in the
business would never have the opportunity to meet individually with
these people and benefit from their insights without your photography
business secrets program.

I appreciated that the information was on CD. I would never have
dedicated the time to listen to a webinar, but the fact that I could
listen to the seminars while driving to and from work made it work for
me. Having the printed document as well made it easy for me to go back
and check on information that I’d heard on the CD. On the other hand I
wouldn’t have thought that the extra cost of both print and CD was


Jim Pickerell

Finally, the video’s are a massive hit. Since I launched them we’ve had over 5000 views combined through all my outlets of the 10 most frequently asked questions from photographers. Soon to launch the 10 questions every photographer should ask. Here is a comment I just got today:

Hey there. Good to see some refreshing content for a change. Wow they are so cool.

And finally, finally, watch out for a new something tomorrow (November 6, 20009) on Blackstar Rising.

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