There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” ~ Winston Churchill

Your want-it-all list is intended to be a living and breathing thing for you, one that you review, ponder, change, revise and use on a daily basis.

If it’s easier for you to start with what you don’t want, then feel free to begin your list with those don’t-wants. Knowing what you don’t want can help you figure out what it is that you do want.

While this is a good starting point, I suggest that you make an effort to keep the don’t-want phase as short as possible. We manifest what we focus on; therefore it is far more beneficial in the long run to think about the wants.

Whatever method is most comfortable for you is the one you should use – as long as you start right away.

Gabrielle Whitney, a peak-performance coach who has a Masters of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Sports Science and Sports Management, agreed to share some of the manifestation tricks that she uses personally and that she teaches to her clients. We’ll examine those here and in some of my following posts.

Gabrielle works on establishing a balance by choosing a key focus (what I call the main focus) and continues to build up gradually the other areas from that point. This is a direct method that keeps everyone moving forward. While the process might seem slow-going at first, it’s a step-by-step movement – you’ll be making progress.

Gabriel strongly suggests that you work with your own body rhythm. “Do the things that really feel good in that moment,” she says. “Do you need to take a nap? Are you a morning person versus being an evening person? Rather than trying to force yourself to become something that may not be natural to you, work with your own rhythm and then develop a lifestyle that works for you. When you work with your own rhythm, you get more done.”

Baby steps and rewards are an important aspect of Gabrielle’s routine. “Baby steps lead to quantum leaps,” she says proudly. Gabrielle believes we need to celebrate every win. A win is not only what happens when reaching a goal but also includes the steps we take toward accomplishing these goals. Gabrielle suggests rewarding yourself for your accomplishments. Your reward could be something like taking the rest of the day off or, if your budget allows, go to a spa.

Tell me – how do you reward yourself? Or do you even reward yourself (you should!). Do you take a time out, do you treat yourself somehow? In effect, do you pamper yourself, as you deserve to be? Ell me how you treat yourself when you’ve had a victory, however big or small. I’d love to know how you’re progressing on your journey – your path is our path. We’re in this together. Thanks for sharing!

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