Systems for Success. In this value packed episode, Growth Architect Beate Chelette provides tips and systems for leaders who want to grow, build and scale their businesses, and achieve measurable results and profits they can count on. Check out the full episode here.

As you can tell by my posts, I’ve been working on a number of concepts that are all relating to how to conquer fear, find happiness and balance. Why? Because I just wrote a book about it. You can check it out on Amazon, it get’s really fantastic reviews. As a result of my marketing and promotional efforts (that I am telling you about in the next Bootcamp starting on February 1, 2014) I am doing a number of radio and TV interviews, as well as guest posts on high traffic blogs.

I am not going to bore you to death with all of my interviews, but I will share some of my favorite ones with you, hope that is okay with you. This one interview that I just did with Paul Colainanni was extraordinary because I could tell that Paul was really listening and paid a lot of attention. What I liked a lot is that he was able to extract a lot of good information to share with his listeners. You can see that in the responses that his audience posted on the interview playback page that they felt the same. Here is the page to the interview:


And here is what Paul said you’ll find out (I told you he is thorough…)

Beate shares some golden wisdom on how to conquer your fears and get out of the rut you may be in. Her passion focuses on women who want a career, a relationship, a family life, to be a mother, and how to put it all together and not go absolutely crazy.

Yes, her focus is on helping women. But guys, if you want to get along and understand the opposite sex, listen to this woman! Many of us guys spend way too much time focusing on “men” stuff, not really paying attention to what women want and need in their lives. Beate’s work helps fill the gap in our knowledge, where men find can finally learn more about this mysterious thing called “woman”.

My favorite quote from this interview:

“You will not be defined by your circumstances, you will define your circumstances.”

What Beate teaches us: 

  • How to find the silver lining in challenging situations
  • How you contribute to the adversity in your life
  • How to shift your thinking and your mindset when facing fear
  • What you can do when you just can’t stand it anymore
  • The three steps to happiness
  • How to shift your thinking and see what you don’t see (especially when things are falling apart)
  • How to get out of negative and overwhelming thoughts
  • The real “how” of positive thinking
  • The one thought you can have that will get you through any situation
  • The fastest way to get out of your head and into your heart
  • Where happiness comes from

What Beate Reveals:

  • Her struggle with debt
  • Her bitter lawsuit against someone who betrayed her
  • The most fearful moment she ever had that pushed her off the emotional cliff
  • The sale of her business to a very well-known billionaire (hint: His name rhymes with Pill Pates)
  • Her daughter’s near death episodes (three times!)
  • Her entire business lost in 48 hours

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